The 13th edition of AUTO-EXPO have been successfully launched in INDIA on WEDNESDAY with brands from 20 countries showing their respective vehicles. Various CELEBRITIES, CRICKETERS, POLITICIANS and FILM ACTORS had visited the show on the first day of the event. The auto expo which is being conducted this year in INDIA has been a challenging part for the companies to attract the customers with their new technologies and the new designs. This EXPO not only features the Indian brands but also brands from different parts of the globe. This is the biggest  AUTO-EXPO ever in INDIAN history, as many companies are competing with each other  to capture the INDIAN market.

In this AUTO-SHOW many companies had focused on the SUV models...

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upcoming cars 2015

Let us see which would be the best car for the next year. 2015. As per the recent views these vehicles are estimated to be the successful cars on roads in the next year.

Coming to the brief description of the vehicles.

Acura NSX

Acura NSX

Release Date: 2015
Reason For Release: Acura needs a performance halo car–even more so now than when the original NSX debuted back in 1990.

Bentley Falcon

Bentley Falcon

Release Date: 2015
Reason For Release: Because no luxury brand can resist the siren’s call of the SUV.



Release Date: 2014 (coupe, sedan), early 2015 (convertible)
Reason For Release: The M3 is an icon for BMW, which makes the name change for the two-doors tricky business.
Know the code
Whereas the 3 Series is known internally (and among BMW fanboys) as the F30, the M3 takes the development code ...

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Needless to say, the Maruti Ertiga has been a huge hit and has got other car-makers thinking. While Nissan is coming soon with the Evalia, which is a full sized MPV, this on the other hand is a more compact and more asthetically pleasing offering. The new Nissan Note seems to be perfect for India as it s got good looks and heaps of practicality.

The Note’s eye-catching has a character line which is called as the ‘Squash Line’.


The Note has a spacious interior which is also practical. The cabin includes a flowing line above the instrument panel and looks great, plus quality is good.

Two new engines will be available and you get a XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) . Mnd you the figure of 25.2 km/L is brilliant.

As you can see from the photos, the Note has lots of tech an...

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Mullin Automotive Museum


French Flair on Four Wheels


Financial services entrepreneur Peter Mullin, long a fan of all objects from the art deco period, opened the Mullin Automotive Museum nearly three years ago to display his collection of more than 100 pre-World War II Bugattis, Delahayes and Talbot-Lagos. The museum’s permanent collection of these French luxury cars was reason enough to make the trek to its unlikely setting—a business park heavy on utility and low on design in this unremarkable coastal community an hour northwest of downtown Los Angeles. But now there is even more reason to come.

7-545internal view of the museum


There are probably no more luxurious examples of art deco’s ground-breaking marriage of utility and design than the French automobiles of the 1920s and ’30s...

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