AUTOMOBES is started with a small blog and a facebook page named as “AUTOMOBES”  in NOVEMBER-2010. Later on in 2012 we have started another 2 pages named “MODERINIZED AUTOMOBILES” and “OUTTLANDISH AUTOMOBILES”. We have started this pages to provide all types of information about AUTOMOBILES and even to train students in automobile and mechanical concepts, such as in design courses, manufacturing process, etc…

Our SITE helps you in all types of need in automobiles and gives the latest updates and reviews.. and many more…

we even provide trainings and live projects to graduation and post graduation students. This site not only helps to get information for AUTOMOBILE LOVERS, it even helps to get training in their graduation students in every way.


Our mission is to provide every information about the Revolution of Automobiles in the past present and the future technologies to every Automobile lovers, and even to provide training in design, and live projects (proto types).

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