The Mercier-Jones hovercraft design is inspired by elements of the Bugatti Veyron, Maserati Gran Turismo, Audi R8, but brings its own distinction as the world’s first Supercraft. A low profile body, aggressive front end, and powerful side thrust ports make this the first truly modern hovercraft design. Marine features, such as side decks and an open cockpit, blend with the automotive inspiration to embody the versatility and function of the Supercraft.


This is an advanced vehicle which travel over land and in water and a variety of terrain in between. This is done by travelling on a cushion of air and fly above the surfaces. The air cushion is suspended inside a flexible reinforced fabric skirt which helps compensate for changes in terrain and gives clearance for the obstacles. As seen the seating is provided with comfortable, balanced ride over the open air cabin. This innovative, patent-pending directional control system enables advanced maneuverability in the forward, lateral and reverse direction, so you can stop and go easily.


High end materials are used to manufacture, such as carbon fiber and metal alloys. Material selection is the major role took part in the manufacturing. The cost of the material used and the manufacturing techniques keeps the cost down.

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Here a gasoline engine is used to generate electricity for the independent electric motors of the drive system. The motor enable fine-tuned controlled thrust, while gasoline engine is optimized for maximum fuel efficiency. A special battery power pack is used to hold the reverse power that can give a extra quick boosts to motors for performance. The gasoline engine is placed in a cockpit to reduce the noise and pollution levels of environment.